Drain Clearance

We’ll clear straight forward blockages with simple drain rods, or stubborn obstructions using high pressure jetting equipment, we supply drain cleaning services to the domestic and Industrial markets nationwide we only use trained staff that have been trained to the highest standards in health and safety awareness.

Factory Clearance Services

We offer a convenient service for site or factory clearances. If you require your factory or site to be completely cleared and decommissioned with items recycled wherever possible that’s not a problem.

Do you have containers full of waste product just collecting dust not a problem for us 

Filter Media Removal

We specialise in the removal and disposal all types of filter media from vessels ranging from 100 litres of water softener to 20 ton mixed media vessels 

We always take safety procedures serious as all our staff are trained to a very high standard, we use specialized vacuum machinery purpose built for the job at hand.

We can also provide labour to refill your vessels under your engineers supervision 

Confined Space Entry

Confined space work has extremely stringent requirements that need to be carried out in order to meet with all the current health and safety regulations.

We have trained and specialist staff that are qualified in various forms of confined space entry work.

Some places may become confined spaces when work is carried out, or during their construction, fabrication or subsequent modification so we always have to asses every situation before any confined Space Entry 

Dry Waste Removal

We have specialist Industrial vacuum cleaning systems that are ideal for collecting large amounts of dusts, aggregates plus anything that will flow up a hose! Dry waste material can be collected into hoppers, Skips or Hook-Lift Containers.

We were one of the first companies to fit ‘liquid ring pumps’ to our tankers and we were the first to make a large dry vac hook lift lorry for mobility and tipping. This combination offers flexibility and cost saving when compared to fixed lorry mounted vacuum machines.

The unit is self-sufficient with 12m³ capacity bin and can work either free standing or on the lorry This produces exceptional vacuum performance needed for those extra tough jobs in our Dry Waste Removal service.

 Hazardous Waste Disposal

We provides a liquid waste disposal solution for various clients operating in the industrial, commercial, public service, construction and domestic sectors.

If your liquid waste is hazardous or non hazardous: We have over 30 years experience and knowledge of the industry we will provide a suitable route to collect, transport and correctly dispose of your Hazardous waste at a licensed treatment or disposal facility.

Using vacuum tankers, deep lift super combination units, liquid ring pump units or specialist pumps, we collect liquid waste from various locations, such as:

  • Storage tanks, vessels and bund areas.
  • Interceptors , vehicle washes and wash down pits.
  • Pits. lift shafts or wells
  • Pump Stations.
  • Ground excavations.
  • Drums and IBC containers.
  • Spray booths.
  • Difficult access areas such as below ground flooded basement etc.
  • Lakes, lagoons, reed beds, water courses, ditches and ponds.
  • Marine bilges
  • Drains, septic tanks, cesspools, grease traps and sewage treatment plants

Should the waste need to be sampled or the method of the works discussed a site meeting can be arranged.

Septic Tank Emptying

Why not use us Enviroload Waste Services as we are a family run business based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire with our jet vac tankers with their powerful vacuum and on board high pressure jetter can empty and wash septic tanks, cesspools quickly with minimum fuss and disruption,

we will then dispose of your sewage at a licensed disposal site and clean up any spillage that may have happened if your tank has overflowed, disinfectant can be applied if required. 

Silt and Sludge Removal

Silts and sludges are waste streams that are defined to have a high solid content, which if left over time can cause problems in drains, tanks and septic systems. The removal of silt and sludge can prevent damage to your equipment and maintain the efficiency of any processes. We have various capacities that can cope with varying volumes of sludge and silt waste.